Sportsbook Bonus Requirements

One of the main advantages of using an online sportsbook is that the majority of them offer some type of bonus to new players. The bonus amount is usually a percentage of the deposit that the player made. For example, if a sportsbook offers a bonus of 20% on a $100 deposit, the player would then have $120 in total to make wagers, consisting of their $100 deposit and the $20 bonus. Although this is more rare, some sportsbooks may also offer a small amount of money as a bonus, for example $10, to new players who sign up for the first time, without having to make a deposit first.

bonus trapsWhile bonuses are a great way to increase one’s bankroll and potentially win more, they come with certain terms and conditions that players must understand in order to avoid problems when withdrawing. One of the most common rules associated with sportsbook bonuses is the rollover requirement. Rollover rules require that a player “rolls over” a certain amount of money, usually a multiple of the deposit amount, before being able to make a withdrawal. For example, a sportsbook that has a 3-time rollover requirement will require that players make wagers totalling 3 times the amount of their deposit. Thus, if a player deposits $100, they will need to make at least $300 in bets before they can cash out any amount from the sportsbook. It doesn’t matter what the result of the bet was, as both winning and losing bets count towards the rollover requirements.

The BetOnline bonus has a 6x rollover while Bovada only has a 3x betting requirements

The reasons why sportsbooks have always had a rollover rule associated with bonuses is very easy to understand. If there was no such rule, people could make a deposit, receive a bonus, then withdraw both the deposit and bonus amount right away, thus getting free money from the sportsbook without even making a single wager.

Rollovers are one of the common rules associated with sportsbook bonuses, however there could be specific rules surrounding bonus offers at some online bookmakers. Some may require that the bonus amount be used within a certain period of time, while others may have special promotions where only bets made on a specific sport will count towards the rollover requirement. Therefore, players who are considering accepting a bonus offer from an online bookmaker should always read the full terms and conditions of any promotional offer that they intend to claim.