MLB Betting

Baseball is one of the least bet upon of the major sports in the country. Once football and basketball seasons are over, many people stop betting until the next football season rolls around in the fall. This is a real shame. Betting on baseball correctly can be one of the most profitable forms of sports betting for those who know what they are doing. Here is a beginner’s guide to betting on baseball to win big.

Money Lines

The most common way to bet on baseball is to simply bet in a team to win the game, which is also known as a money line bet. A money line bet will be either on the favorite or the underdog usually, but occasionally the two teams will be even favorites of -110. All of the lines for money line wagers are based on the figure of $100.

For example, let’s say that they New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox. The money line for the game is +165 for the Yankees and -185 for the Red Sox. In this case, bettors who bet on the Yankees to win will win $165 for every $100 that they wager. On the other hand, Red Sox bettors would need to bet $185 for every $100 that they wish to win.

Run Lines

For those who like to bet on other sports, the run line wager is similar to betting on the spread in football and basketball. It handicaps the two teams. However, there are some differences. The standard run line in baseball is 1.5 runs. Some betting shops also offer alternative run lines, but the vast majority of run line bets will use the 1.5-run spread to set the betting action.

Because there is such low scoring in baseball compared to most other sports, this 1.5-run line is huge. For this reason, the team that is favored by 1.5 runs is actually the underdog in betting. For example, let’s say that the San Francisco Giants are playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. The run line is the standard 1.5 runs with the Dodgers favored. Even though the Dodgers are favored to win the game, they could be underdogs to cover the run line. The run line might be something like Dodgers +120 and Giants -135.


Just like other sports, baseball bettors can place wagers on the total runs scored in a game. This is the one baseball wager that generally has the standard -110 betting odds to make it a 50-50 bet. Most totals are generally in the high single digits, though they can range into the low double digits.

There are also individual team totals available. These under-over bets on totals are one of the most profitable wagers that experienced baseball bettors rely upon. When two teams with incredible offenses or pitchers get together, it can make it very simple to know which way to bet the total. This is one baseball bet that every baseball bettor needs to master to become a baseball-betting expert.